Project Archivist Interview

We Discuss The Controversial Story Of How Jesse James Faked His Death. We Talk About How Exactly How He Faked His Death, Who the Body Was, How he Moved On And To where?, How Much The James Gang Stole and so much more...

Interview at Night-Light Radio

My co-author/sister Teresa F. Duke and I had a great time in our interview with Mark Eddy and Barbara DeLong of Night-Light Radio concerning our newly released book, 'The Mysterious Life and Faked Death of Jesse James'!  If you didn't catch the live interview, feel free to check it out below and enjoy! You can... Continue Reading →

Join me tonight on the Michael Decon Program – 8:30 EST

Looking forward to an interview on the Michael Decon Program in a few hours! You can join us at the link below:     And be sure to check out Michael Decon's additional links and social media pages here: Support the program - Official Website Spotify iTunes Discord Twitter

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