A History Channel Episode, More interviews and a 3rd book finalized and hitting the shelves this coming 2022!

2021 was exciting and 2022 looks to be packed with even more fun and excitement!

First, the History Channel interview was great fun and the episode was very well done! The show America’s Book of Secrets season 4, episode 3, titled: ‘The Freemason Factor‘ and I even obtained an IMDB profile to boot. While I didn’t get as much air time as I would have liked, (who does?) I was honored to have shared that limited space with so many fellow authors and Freemasons from around the globe!

President George Washington – Freemason

The History Channel episode was followed by quite a few more interviews while editing my third book, Secret History of the Wild, Wild West’; published by my amazing publisher, Inner Traditions – Bear & Company in Vermont, USA which is set to be released in the summer of 2022 anywhere books are sold!

Secret History of the Wild, Wild West by Daniel J. Duke

Yes it’s been a busy and exciting 2021 but there is much more to come in 2022. The release of the above mentioned book being just one of the exciting events to come along with another interview which I will mention in a future post, once I am allowed to do so.

I wish you and yours a happy and healthy Holiday season and an even better New Year!

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