Continuing the Work

Going through some old photographs today and found one I wanted to share.  Here’s a photo of my late mother and author, Betty Dorsett Duke with our family friend, the late George Roming.  This photo was taken sometime around the year 2000.

George Roming was a 32nd degree Scottish Rite FreemasonShrinerWorld War II veteran and many other things as well as a good friend.  As a child, George used to sit on the porch with my great, great grandfather Jesse James aka James L. Courtney and drink lemonade on hot summer days.  He shared a lot of great information and memories of those days, including a lost treasure story in which he supplied a treasure map.  Some of of those stories are included in my upcoming book as well as my second book which is a continuation of my mother’s work regarding our ancestor, the outlaw Jesse James.

Betty Dorsett Duke and family friend George Roming


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