Book Review: The Mysterious Life and Faked Death of Jesse James

My sister Teresa F. Duke and I are very pleased to announce the continuation of our late mother’s work in the form of our new book, The Mysterious Life and Faked Death of Jesse James, slated for release this coming June 2020 anywhere books are sold, and available for pre-Order now through our publisher Inner Traditions – Bear and Company!

In addition to that, we were thrilled to have received a wonderful book review from the very qualified and knowledgeable Kris Helt, at Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews.  We truly appreciate her time and kind words and are honored to be able to provide you with this excerpt from the Whiskey & Wit book review.

The Duke family has dedicated their lives documenting James’ life and actual death. Daniel J. Duke in his first monograph Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure amazed readers with his impressive research and analysis, delving deep through Freemason and Templar history to find those tiny connecting ties that bind James to a deeper, more enriched history than just that of an American outlaw. He and his sister Teresa F. Duke have teamed up to create The Mysterious Life and Faked Death of Jesse James. As the title suggests, the Duke duo provide nearly irrefutable corroboration of James’ faked death through family records, forensic evidence, and personal journals. James may need to be added to the illustrious list of death hoaxes, the likes of which include the famous woman pirate Jacquotte Delahaye, Alexander I Tsar of Russia, the 19th-century, deeply indebted Australian man, William Goodwin Geddes, and the murderous, life insurance collector Belle Gunness, Lady Bluebird.” – Kris Helt, Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews

You can read the rest of this wonderful review here:  Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews

We truly hope you enjoy the result of over two decades of painstaking research and generations of our family’s oral tradition!

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