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I found this very interesting and wanted to share it with you. According to ‘The Worlds of Oronce Finé by Alexander Marr, “Finé was one of the most prolific authors of mathematical books of his age. He worked in a wide range of mathematical fields, including practical geometry, arithmetic, optics, gnomonics, astronomy and instrumentalism.”

One of Oronce Finé‘s illustrations (see below) caught my eye and it’s hard; in my opinion, not to notice the similarities between Fine’s illustration and the Veil Template (described in my book Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure). The template, it’s shape and everything involved in it continues to amaze me. The template can be viewed as a map of the world, of astrological bodies like the precession of the equinoxes, it ties in with the Tree of Life and so many other things that the word ‘amazing’ seems to fall short in describing it.


Veil Template and Le Sphere de Monde
Veil Template and Le Sphere de Monde

The Tree of Life in turn, has been described as representing all of creation. In light of all the various bodies that the Veil Template can be shown to represent, they seem to complement one another perfectly. It also reminds me of Indra’s Net, from Buddhist and Hindu beliefs which (and this is a very basic description) looks like a net or veil and is said to be covered with jewels with each jewel reflecting all of the other jewels in the net. The Veil and Tree of Life templates act much in the same way, as they reflect one another in terms of symbolism found within their dimensions.

In John Dee’s Occultism:  Magical Exaltation through Powerful Signs by Gregory E. Szonyi, it is stated that “…Dee visited Paris and met Fine, with whom he could discuss not only Euclid but also his own beloved author, Roger Bacon, while he also met Postel, who was interested in Enoch and Artephius like himself.”

In my book, Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure, I mention tracing the line of connections back to Francis Bacon and then to John Dee. From John Dee I traced the connections back to the Knights Templar. Knowing Dee had a connection with Fine and seeing how Fine’s illustration pictured above matches so closely with the Veil Template, I think that definitely warrants more research into Fine. 

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