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As reviews continue to come in, I thought I’d add a page to the site and share them with you. You can click the ‘Read More’ links below or check out the ‘Raves & Review’ tab in the menu located at the top of this page.  Thanks for stopping by and keep checking in, as there will be plenty of new info to share.


“Daniel J. Duke has successfully cracked open part of the mystery surrounding Templar treasure from Jerusalem that had been moved to the Americas to help establish a free nation. Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure goes beyond just theorizing that treasure was moved to the Americas and in fact…” Click Here to Read More

Timothy W. Hogan, Templar Grand Master, author, and lecturer

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“Having inadvertently fallen down one of the many hidden wells of esoteric knowledge dotted across the North American landscape, author Daniel J. Duke–the great-great-grandson of the outlaw Jesse James–weaves a wonderful tale of Southern intrigue and mysterious treasure. His familial connection enables him to explore the ancient mysteries within the …” Click Here to Read More

William F. Mann, author of The Knights Templar in the New World, The Templar Meridians, and Templar


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“Duke fulfilled this objective all the way to 5-stars. If you love history, mysteries, treasure hunting and of course Jesse James …Click Here to Read More

– Kris Helt, Whiskey & Wit Book Review


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Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure is an interesting read full of facts about history. The reader will learn more concerning Jesse James and the groups to which he belonged…” Click Here to Read More


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“All of us are familiar with Jesse James, but author Daniel Duke, who just happens to be the legendary outlaw’s great-great grandson, reveals a mind-boggling assortment of unexpected twists and turns to this formerly familiar wild West story that few could have ever imagined…” Click Here to Read More

–  Brent Raynes, Perceptions Magazine, August 2019

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